Why Joining Matters

As the baby boomers get ready to retire, the responsibility for policy decisions and the economic and social course of this province is beginning to shift to the Next generation of leader .

As an emerging leader in your business and community you want to learn about the issues and the responsibilities of leadership, and you also have opinions to share and you want a voice at the table where the decisions are being made.

The Next Leaders forum is an online community of peers and colleagues and together you will collaborate on the challenges facing our communities today.  You will leverage your existing technology and networks to engage with each other, and traditional institutions to shape the future - the future which you will soon be leading.

Through the Next Leaders forum, you will engage with established business leaders and other emerging leaders to build your network, discuss leadership challenges and provide input into the issues facing our economy and our communities. 

As a member, you will be invited to participate in events and forums, online conversations and policy consultation processes. You will be part of a movement that will have a meaningful voice, one which will be listened to by policy makers across the country.

The time to engage in a meaningful conversation and shape your future is now.